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If you want your songs performed in a traditional format of emotive live piano/vocal harking back to the singer/songwriters of the 70's with subject matter as diverse as being the middle generation between children and older parents, self harm, dementia, love and lost love in middle age (yes it happens) and songs about nature, consumerism and walking all washed down with a healthy dose of humour, cynicism, positivity and self deprecation then I am the artist for you.


BIG NEWS. New album is out. 10 songs with a diverse array of subject matter such as walking, nature, self harm, dementia, falling in and out of love in one's 50's, love for family generations below and above. Check the downloads page.


Beautifully produced by James Merryweather and final master by John Cornfield and using local musicians like Gareth Lee, Martin Skews, Jules Berry and Vic Aboudara. 


I walk a lot. My time spent walking is enmeshed into my music. It rejuvenates and inspires.


I engage with the Cornish landscape, watching it change over seasons and getting deep down to the DNA of every place I go. I talk about layers of geology, identity, language, the diaspora, myth and legend and the miners, fisherfolk and farmers.


A day walking attunes me to its rhythm; it stirs something within and that wonderful muse bubbles to the surface, offering a lyric, a riff or a mood ready to be explored.


Symbiosis in action.


Me with Billy Joel